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Thanks to its special formula ELF MITS 46 has a high octane number,

exceptional knock protection and a particularly high burn rate.

MITS 46 is the last real Grand Prix petrol for 2-stroke high-performance engines.

Protect your valuable engines against severe engine damage with inferior petrol.


Special features

MITS 46      

FIM / DMSB 2020

high combustion speed

Optimal engine performance


2.6% oxygen, RON 101.7 MOZ 89.6 lead-free

     Recommendations for use:


2-stroke engine, Classic Grand Prix engines,

Kart, Moto Corss, MX, Enduro

Available in: 50 liter barrel

Here you will find the corresponding data sheet for this fuel

*: please observe the regulations applicable to the respective class

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