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We have been selling eleven racing products exclusively here in Germany for 30 years. We source the Elf racing products directly from the Elf / Total laboratory in France. Here you can be sure to only buy original products that meet the highest quality criteria.

Elf Racing Fuel and Elf Racing Oil are the basis for success in racing. Racing petrol and racing oils offer more power and more safety for their engines. Elf has over 40 years of experience developing high performance fuels and lubricants.


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Postadresse :

TechFuel GmbH

Manfred Fischer

Seligenstädterstraße 53

63456 Hanau 


Mail :

Tel:  #49 (0) 6181 690 523

Fax:  #49 (0) 6181 662 189

Mobil: #49 (0) 171 513 0 333

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