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2 Takt Mischöl


HTX 976+ and HTX 909 two world-famous two-stroke oils!

HTX 976+ and HTX 909 are two fully synthetic mixed oils for 2-stroke engines.

The special recipe, which is still further developed, means maximum safety and maximum performance for your engine. The easy miscibility in all fuels and the high stability of the mixture (no segregation) and the easy recognition whether a fuel has already been mixed with HTX oil, offers enormous relief and safety when dealing with the mixed gasoline. The question no longer arises whether there is already oil in the gasoline.

The color of the mixed gasoline with: HTX976 + is blue, with HTX 909 is red.

The lubrication of the pistons, the piston rings, the main and connecting rod bearings is excellent.

No or very little deposits on the cylinder head, pistons and exhaust keep the burns exactly and reduce maintenance work. Sticking the piston rings is a thing of the past.

If you mix HTX 976 + / 909, you can direct your thoughts to the essentials.

  • Eleven Total Aral Shell Petrol Oil Oil


  • Reference Fuel Industrial Fuel R&D Fuel First Fill


  • HTX Racing Fuel racing gasoline fuel performance octane

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